Emojis fashion trend is everywhere

Nowadays we text more than talk and each conversation is full of many emojis, showing various expressions. I don’t know if they are stupid or not – people love them, and they become more and more popular, even in the fashion industry. We see more and more often outfits with emojis. The industry absorbs those emoticons and many designers are now offering cool outfits. I find this really great and stylish because a shirt, top or pants printed with emojis can be worth more than a thousand words :). Emojis on your clothes can’t compare to a regular conversation, but can still express meaning and your mood – in a way they can “speak” your feelings forward and why not in a trendy fashionway!

So, this is my feeling at the beach, wearing one of my favorite emoji tops – emotional, smiling, cool and trendy!

Photography by Marg Basarova

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