Beach vibes in army green

Beach vibes, sea, sun and sea coast, what else – a nice swimming suit of course. I was always in love some of the earth colors – green, olive green, beige… Normally the brighter eye catching colors are more desired, but I want to show you that the neutral colors combined with some accessories can also be a good match. Here I am wearing an army green swimming suit, a salmon red scarf and nice straw hat. In addition the army green color is one of the fall’s emerging color trends. There is a noticeable shift this year’s fall towards traditionally warmer tones like clay and this army green.

Photography by Plamena Mileva

Don’t want summer to end

Each year I cant wait for the summer to come, but as fast as it comes, that fast it also goes away. Although the autumn is at our doorsteps, I want to keep for longer the summer rays, the breeze and the sounds of the sea. As the summer starts to end, I have found myself starting to miss it already and it is not even over, because it brings light, carefree thoughts and life is less strenuous.

But each season has its upsides – September is the start of school and work, but that also comes with new opportunities for success and new beginnings.

Photography by Marg Basarova

Roses, models, summer mood

Roses, models, summer mood

I visited today the fabulous coastal restaurant “Il Siciliano” near St. Vlas, Bulgaria – there I attended a small fashion show they had organised. The topic was on summer mood and relaxed, fluff, semi-transparent apparel. The atmosphere was fitting, but luxurious, with the appropriate beats by the DJ.

There was this hanging chair full of roses, and I could not resist taking the opportunity for a few fashion shots myself. I felt great in my beach outfit in my own fashionway – black and white fitted great to the white ship with the dark sails.

Location Il Siciliano
Photography by Marg Basarova

Summer, sun, fun...

Summer, sun, fun…

What is the summer without sea, sand, seagulls, pool und the gentle touch of the summer breeze. I feel the strength of the summer the most when close to the sea and it fills me up with energy.

For me nothing says summer like a cool print on a shirt – be it a chic flamingo or a cocktail. In the past few years flamingos became part of the summer and this year the hit is pool floats, bags, sunglasses, hats and shoes. They fill the summer with lots of fun and bring style in in a fashionway.

Photography by Marg Basarova