Little white lace dress

Little white lace dress

Summer, sun, white fun…

A little white lace dress for the sunny days – this is one of my favorite must have outfits with high heel. The combination of floral, lace and white is an unwritten symbol of the summer days. Lace makes me feel always great and looks amazing on a dress.

White dresses have always been key players in many wardrobes not only for the summer or for special occasions but also for every day.

I need to lighten up my looks – that’s why I always wear white with pleasure and make my summer days brighter.

Photography by Marg Basarova

Easy, carefree, gently in a childish way

Have you ever felt like putting on the first shirt you find in your wardrobe, jeans shorts and to walk like a child on the street. I did, and regardless of my age do it often. They say our childhood lives on in us and we should maintain it that way, so we could keep our youthfulness too.

I like street style trends, childish, teen, simple tops and jeans. Easy but eye catching, because after all, looking good isn’t just about trend and age, it’s about looking in your easy fashion way.

Photography by Marg Basarova

Do you like floral designs and motifs?

Do you like flowers?

My answer to this question is a “YES” with big letters, because flowers are making me bloom, they are making me feel better and happier – like a medicine for the soul. Isn’t it great to receive flowers, to see flowers all around, to have many flowers in the garden and to wear clothes with them? Floral patterns, design and decoration give me energy and add color my days – they make me feel like a flower in a garden. And what is better than feeling like a blooming flower?

After women – flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world (Christian Dior).

Photography by Marg Basarova

Pink Love

My grandmother was a tailor. Since those days when i was little, trying to steal every leftover piece of cloth from her to make a new dress for my dolls, pink has been one of my favourite colors.

Why pink? Because pink is girlish, pink is sweet and tender.

That is why I decided my first post to be inspired by my childhood, just like my newly born blog. Back then, it was hard to have what you liked to in your wardrobe, even not impossible, as the system was like that in the country where I lived – only select models were available in the shops – no choice of color, model or style. But I was always secretly dreaming of having one day a wardrobe full of nice dresses, full of colors and of course also pink. Now, a grown up, I have what I wanted and my profession helps me with that. Pink remained my passion, no matter if in or out of fashion.

Colors are transient – some are in fashion, some come out of, but the color you like, is the one in which you look your best. For me – that is my pink love.

Photography by Marg Basarova