Neon green in the nature

I have always associated the light green color with new growth in nature, new beginnings, the coming back to life of plants, new energy, freshness and renewal. That’s why my new post with the trendy neon green is out in the nature today – a natural look surrounded by the healing power of the green color. 

And what do we like to wear in spring – something comfortable, casual, light, something that makes us feel free and relaxed. Jeans are always a perfect goal – no matter what happens they are always in fashion. The combination of light color with a high waist is cool and up-to-date now. I am really fond of matching them with wide short shirt and colorful floral summer shoes. 

Moreover for me the light green color is like a green light which gives me hope for creating new things and makes me more ambitious – so let the green spring bring you new hope and ambition, too!

Photography by Plamena Mileva

Feeling lazy and casual today

There are some days when you wake up and you’re just like „nope, not today“, especially when it rains and the mood goes down. You just want to go outside, casual and lazy and don’t think about your outfit too much.

My „nope“ today means „no“ to the bad mood. There is something good in every day and every weather. Let‘s smile, wear funny casual clothes ans enjoy the spring time with all it’s beauty. And what does spring beauty mean – blooming flowers, wonderful inspiring smells, freshness everywhere even from the falling rain.

For me, one of the symbols of spring is the lilac bush, adding abundant color to the landscape and scent the air with fragrance. It makes me also especially very happy because violet with all its nuances, bright or dark, is one of trending spring colors. It can be easily combined with neutral ones like grey, white and beige, but meanwhile a combination with gold ot metallic is also perfect. In addition a well combined natural mix between green and violet also deserves a compliment and look elegant in a fashion way.

Photography by Marg Basarova

Fresh Lemon Yellow Dress

Feeling fresh and fruity!

The lemon fruit – with its pale yellow color, and bitter acid feeling – without doubt not the sharpest one when it comes to fashion.

But the feeling should be fresh and fruity!

I like a lot the tropical and light summer scent feeling that the bright lemon brings. This is why a yellow pale dress always manages to capture me, even though its more challenging than pink. Many people like lemon yellow, but few dare to wear it, because not everyone is eager to be “on the lemon side”. But it is so only at the start.

This difficult to wear color brightens my looks and makes me feel worthy of a compliment at least for the courage. I tend to wear it with a minimum combination of other colors as its hard to match to many – it looks great with black and read, but not overdone – just in a light way, the fashionway.

Photography by Marg Basarova