Halloween, on the night of October 31st is every year a good reason for celebration, although it’s mostly practiced in the US. There are decorations and people with scary costumes everywhere on the streets in Vienna. For me it was also great fun celebrating it in the Heeregeschichliches Museum Vienna. Every hall of the museum was decorated amazing, even a scary story with a corpse and a mummy was presented.

Red cape, red passion, red love heart, because love is the answer

Well, let me ask you this – what do you think when you think of a red cape? For most of us, we relate it either to power, strength, freedom, even flying like a hero (think Superman) or with tender feelings and love like the Little Red Riding Hood for example. For me the red cape is everything mentioned above and I sling it across my shoulders with pride because there is nothing bolder in autumn weather than a red cape. It changes my entire demeanor and outlook and I wear it with love. Yes, definitely with love – and I do not mention that just as the next strong word – one has to feel it that way – be it regarding the fashion, one’s clothes, everyday life or toward a person, as love is the answer to everything. Feeling the love you can fly no matter if it is with a “magic” red cape or without one.

Swinging this great color around my body always makes heads turn. Red goes with nearly everything and I like it a lot – especially with jeans. But because I’m still not in the winter mood here I wear it with short jeans and one of my favorite high heels, of course in a fashionway.

Photography by Marg Basarova

Goodbye summer, hello autumn

I have been on the road a lot in the last weeks and I did not realise how fast the autumn has came with all it’s colors and beauty. In contrast with the bright summer colors, here I have switched to some neutral ones – nude and black to match the surrounding natural palette, full with different nuances. This dress is great for the new seasons’s start – long sleeves, but short and generously cut at the top and the elbows. The temperatures are still not cold enough to prevent us from enjoying the weather outside.

Photography by Marg Basarova

Style is a way to say who you are

While I always like an attractive style I try to achieve a balance between attractiveness and the women’s power. What do I mean? I mean that not only the outfit has to be shiny and eye catching – like my wonderful Fracomina T-Shirt and jumpsuit, but it also has to match how the women herself looks – the hair, the expression of the face and of course a nice make up as the final sensitive touch.

Style can really say who you are. That is why you should choose your type – for instance if the trend is so that everyone wears a T-Shirt and a jumpsuit, you can too, but find the ones you really look good in and make sure they fit well together and are attractive.

Sticking to today’s style and trends is good but doing it with an own vision in a fashionway is just perfect!

Photography by Marg Basarova

What about a chic black and white outfit idea

Is there anything more stylish than a dress that’s all black and white? Some might say you need color to be exciting but the contrast between these two colors is sure to thrill enough. Autumn comes with so many colors, that simple black and white fits perfect with the surrounding.

Together, black and white represent the minimum of the color palette, but they can also take the maximum out of an outfit, being eye-catching and sharpening the style.

The bright white color with the black flower patterns on my dress, blend in with the autumn yellow leaves backdrop beautifully, in a fashionway :).

Photography by Marg Basarova

The side-stripe trend

A trend, that has been circling the fashion-sphere for a long time and continues to do so in this fall-winter season is the side-stripe clothes. I can happily say I‘m obsessed with it – I like those stripes, because they sharpen the figure, especially when they are on the side of trousers and make the legs appear longer.

White-black striped dress, black shoes and over-knee socks is one of my favorite outfits I like to wear, as I did when I met some friends in Milan. So I just had to share it with you in this post.

In addition, all these belts and straps with words and phrases written on them (in this case on my shoulder straps) are so cool and just fit perfectly this style, in a fashionway.

Photography by Marg Basarova

Dreaming of an endless summer

Autumn is just around the corner but I’ve always dreamed of an endless summer. That’s why I would like to hold on to summer a bit longer in my blog with this post.

I love the fall and it’s colors but I’m not quite ready to put on my boots and coat and think about the cold days. That’s why I also wore with pleasure on the Vienna Fashion Week my favorite summer floral dress, imagining in my mind the sea and feeling the summer breeze.

The floral style, which was so trendy this summer, is still very much in also for the autumn dresses and many stores begin to stock their fall wears also with floral patterns. So, do not forget the summer feeling and keep wearing colorful clothes with flowers also in the fall season, of course always in a Fashionway!