Making a selfie

I always found it difficult to make a decent selfie – even though it looks very easy and most bloggers do it very well.

Getting a great shot of your outfit can be harder than it looks, as it‘s difficult to fit the whole body unless it‘s mirror selfie. It is also hard to avoid the surroundings and the position holding the phone sometimes ruins the whole picture. One has to learn the tricks, tips and the tools available for making a good shot.

That said, I like it and taking selfies is fun – it’s also a quick and easy way to share something from myself. Today, I am wearing one of my favorite „Selfie“ T-shirt with a cool print, Jeans and rough shoes in which I‘m in love and of course trying to make some selfies. At the end, the professional camera, as you can see, is always the best way for a good shot.

Photography by Marg Basarova