A favourite hoodie look

There is no better companion in the spring/summer than the hoodie – trendy, comfortable and really cool. I tend to like the casual and simple but eye-catching things, so the hoody is just the thing for me. It also goes nearly with everything.

Although the quickest and simplest combination is with jeans and sneakers – here I chose a skirt which is also fashionable and comfortable. The best footwear that matches the outfit are my white Fila sneakers that are so trendy and I love them so much. Accessories are not to be forgotten – a Michael Kors backpack and the pink glasses which complement the roses on the hoodie, in a fashionway.

Photography by Plamena Mileva

Roses, models, summer mood

Roses, models, summer mood

I visited today the fabulous coastal restaurant “Il Siciliano” near St. Vlas, Bulgaria – there I attended a small fashion show they had organised. The topic was on summer mood and relaxed, fluff, semi-transparent apparel. The atmosphere was fitting, but luxurious, with the appropriate beats by the DJ.

There was this hanging chair full of roses, and I could not resist taking the opportunity for a few fashion shots myself. I felt great in my beach outfit in my own fashionway – black and white fitted great to the white ship with the dark sails.

Location Il Siciliano
Photography by Marg Basarova