Red cape, red passion, red love heart, because love is the answer

Well, let me ask you this – what do you think when you think of a red cape? For most of us, we relate it either to power, strength, freedom, even flying like a hero (think Superman) or with tender feelings and love like the Little Red Riding Hood for example. For me the red cape is everything mentioned above and I sling it across my shoulders with pride because there is nothing bolder in autumn weather than a red cape. It changes my entire demeanor and outlook and I wear it with love. Yes, definitely with love – and I do not mention that just as the next strong word – one has to feel it that way – be it regarding the fashion, one’s clothes, everyday life or toward a person, as love is the answer to everything. Feeling the love you can fly no matter if it is with a “magic” red cape or without one.

Swinging this great color around my body always makes heads turn. Red goes with nearly everything and I like it a lot – especially with jeans. But because I’m still not in the winter mood here I wear it with short jeans and one of my favorite high heels, of course in a fashionway.

Photography by Marg Basarova