An exciting trip to Varna

I would like to share with you my exciting experience I had during my trip to Bulgaria this weekend. I was invited for a business meeting to Varna – a city at the Black sea cost, called the „sea capital“, by the owner of a popular Bulgarian magazine – Off Line magazine, from which I left extremely positive.

Off Line magazine is a popular lifestyle edition like no other in Bulgaria – offering practical advices and information from a first-person perspective. It aims to ease the traveling, but also much more than that – it tells stories about various trip destinations, gives advices regarding shopping and visits to exciting places and a lot of other activities that can fill one’s free time. The magazine includes objective and unbiased reviews of hotels, restaurants and landmarks, services, accessories and a lot more.

Meanwhile I cant miss saying a word about my outfit – my new Parka jacket which is a dream to wear and I love it so much.

In love with social

In love with social?

Can a simple outfit create in others the same reactions as the emojis printed on it. Not only can, it always does. When wearing something we see in the expression on the faces of others all kinds of emojis – smilies, grins or even shock. :). Sometimes a very simple outfit can make a great impression – both in person or on a photo, while a luxury one not so much. Of course sometimes the opposite is also true. It is essential carefully to combine the clothes with each situation, time, location and most importantly our mood. Because our face, smile and expression are our live emojis – they make us loved, liked and in love with social.

I am also in love with social – being in contact with many people, showing them my views and combining outfits that also express my mood and feelings, with emojis or not, but always in a fashionway.

Photography by Marg Basarova