Red passion on a wedding day

Notice the people who are happy for your happiness, and sad for your sadness – they’re the ones who deserve special place in your heart …

And because I am happy for the happiness of other people, today I want to share with you a special event which I attended – the wedding of two close friends.

The place was magnificent – Vila Vita Panonia – a hotel and a holiday village situated in Burgenland, on the sunny side of Austria. Not only the place, but also the organisation, the guests and friends – everything was amazing. One of the most existing things was of course the ceremony- like in the movies, on a small island in the lake, with the bride coming over a bridge with her father leading her – really like in a fairy tale…

We are waiting so long for this day – still when its there everything passes so quickly, like in a dream. But I like to say that the big emotions are hidden in the preparations for such an event.

I usually don’t fancy the red color, but for this occasion I wanted to wear a long red passion dress and wanted it to be really extraordinary elegant and beautiful. The length, the Schleif, the form and every small detail were important for me because I wanted to look perfect – for which I am extremely grateful to Alegra fashion who made the dress. And so I felt – walking with my husband – exceptionally good and like a princess, but in a modern variant, of course, in a fashionway.

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a New Year filled with Health, Peace, Prosperity and happiness!

Open a new book today. Forget all your worries and welcome 2019. A New Year has come with new expectations, new opportunities, new challenges and a whole new way of delighting people related with you.

Have a happy life ahead!

A-LINE fashion brand on Vienna Fashion Week 2018

EDIT 08.10.2018: Because of some misunderstandings that were pointed out to me recently, I want to make clear that i AM NOT the designer of the A-LINE collection – i only helped with the organisation.

It was an awesome experience to participate in the making of the first collection of A-LINE (, to present it on the Vienna Fashion week 2018 and to be both part of the backstage and to catwalk myself as a model.

A-LINE is a luxury brand that was presented on the Vienna Fashion Week with its Art Luxury- Line Collection „CORONA ARTISTICA“. The focus is on the woman of today, that can be anything, as long as it’s not boring. A ready-to-wear collection for the modern lady who wants to feel like Alice in wonderland, because a woman can be a dreamer while remaining practical. The outfits are inspired by artists like Klimt, Hundertwasser, Gaudí, as well as mother nature herself in all her colors, lines and forms. The result is feminine, fairytale, multifunctional unique pieces full of passion and momentum. (quote from, translated into English)