How I style a read maxi pleated skirt

A pleated maxi skirt is definitely a must have this season. With its longer length and a small waist it creates a beautiful woman silhouette. The pleated pretty trend includes both the casual and the more elegant styles.

There are many possibilities and colors to style an outfit but I choose ones that spice it up – red and pink. Wearing these two together was once considered a fashion don’t, but nowadays it is one of the trendiest color combinations.

You can easily match a candy pink top with pink accessories and a red pleated skirt. On one side I chose a pink pullover and on the other a white top, both with decorative elements, because it was sunset at Black sea coast, but not warm and cosy like in summer, hence the long sleeve as an addition to the T-Shirt. The pink bag brings its accent and the black sexy ankle boots are the best choice for this fashionable color attack mix.

Photography by Julian Nedev

Pineapple pants

Pineapple pants

Summer, sun, vacation, sea coast, relax, ice-cream and of course a fresh outfit – what more does one need for a good day at the beach.

I wore this outfit with the pineapple pants at the beach the other day and was hearing the word “pineapple” all the time and all the comments about the fruit. It was very funny.

Pineapples, watermelons, oranges, apples, bananas – all these fruity prints are everywhere this season – even as pool floats. I am also a fan of them, but shown in a more delicate, indirect way like on the pants on this outfit – in a fashionway.

Photography by Marg Basarova