10. edition of the Vienna Fashion week – best of Austrian design

EDIT 08.10.2018: Because of some misunderstandings that were pointed out to me recently, I want to make clear that i AM NOT the designer of the A-LINE collection – i only helped with the organisation.

In the recent days I had the pleasure to attend the next annual edition of the Vienna Fashion week. 72 designers presented their most recent collections through 62 shows.

As it is a round anniversary for the event – the grand opening show included the best local designers that were on the Austrian stage in the last 10 years.

Attending the Fashion week has always been exciting for me through the years, but this time it was really special, as with my partner (at the time) Velina Ileva and the fantastic designer Darina Yanakieva we actually participated with a collection and a brand – A-LINE (http://www.a-line.at/). Being backstage, organising the models, outfits and the make-up, as well as actually taking two of the outfits through the catwalk myself, was very exciting. Being the first time for the whole team, the show went very well and we got some great feedback.

Of course I also attended other shows, like for example the one of Anelia Peshev, CHIC by Vali Cioban, TRUEYOU, IN OR NEAR and many others.

All in all it was a great and exciting week.

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